Become a Trained Singer

Learn how to sing better with our structured and guided learning program
We teach all genres of Indian Vocal Music: Pure Classical to Bollywood

Courses we offer

Things are getting even more convenient nowadays, sometimes you wish to sing late at night or sometimes you procrastinate to show up on your scheduled live classes. Not an issue!

Learn Ragas

A Detailed Raga training Program for Singers who want to learn the intricacies of Hindustani Classical Music

Charges : INR 6000/- INR 3000/-

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Learn Indian Voice Music from the scratch 

Learn "RAGA" music including voice-culture, Indian beat-system, Indian Swaras -Sa Re Ga Ma

Charges : INR 20000/- INR 10000/-

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Build a strong foundation by learning

Voice Technique

Sound Techniques

Breathing Techniques

Swar Abhyas

Why Learn from Dr. Shambhavi Das?

  • A leading Indian Classical Vocalist and a Music Therapist with a teaching experience of over 10 years.
  • Creator of the bestselling Udemy courses on Indian Music
  • Doctorate in Indian Music from Delhi University
  • Has authored a book and contributes to popular magazines

Various learning formats we offer

In-person Training

I teach at Vatika City, Gurgaon. where you can clear your doubts. It will also make you realize where you exist.

Online Classes

Life is pretty busy for all of us today; therefore, feel free to avoid commutes and schedule Live Skype/ classes with me.

Pre-recorded Courses

You can buy music courses at affordable prices and give yourself more room to learn whenever you like.

Music Therapy Session

Stress Management

Reduce stress and anxiety through voice-listening, instruments and rhythmic interventions. Issues like Insomnia, Depression, Dementia can also be treated through music therapy methods.

Mental/Intellectual Disability

Based on the case-history, musical background and preferences of the client music therapy is initiated through different methods like chakra-balance, sound healing etc. to help with several mental and intellectual disabilities.

General wellbeing & Mindfulness

Listening / singing / playing music changes the way you perceive the world. Appropriate musical tunes imbibe better thoughts and positivity within us. Try some sessions with us to experience that feeling of wellbeing.

Testimonials from our Students

"Dr. Shambhavi Das is a humble, down-to-earth in nature and can connect with the student to encourage to their potential. She is a very enthusiastic sincere and kind teacher where any student can become a friend to her."

Lavanya Bheemarasetti

"My learning experience with Dr. Shambhavi Das was a fruitful one. She taught me everything there is to know about sound therapy with much patience, love & guidance. It was an enriching experience & these classes have helped me immensely."

Sonal Gupta

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