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Singr offers high quality music courses

which have helped thousands of students.

Learn from the best

Dr Shambhavi Das has been teaching for over a decade.

Equal focus on theory & practice

The courses focus on both the foundation and practicals.


Live Classes

There will be workshops and sessions from time to time for all students who are enrolled in our courses.

Your Instructor

Dr. Shambhavi Das

Shambhavi holds a PHD in Indian Classical Music
from the Delhi University.
She has a teaching experience of more than 10 years.
She is the creator of several best selling courses on platforms like Udemy.


My learning experience with Dr. Shambhavi Das was a fruitful one. She passed on her knowledge and taught me everything there is to know about sound therapy with much patience, love and guidance. It was an enriching experience and these classes have helped me immensely in my field of sound healing. Thank you very much Dr. Das for all your valuable time. 🙏🏼

Sonal Gupta - Student of Indian music

Dr Shambhavi has been a Godsend for Vihaan's musical journey. While he had always been interested in music and wanted to learn it, he was not a very persevering student. With her patience and understanding, and answering his endless questions, Dr Shambhavi has brought a great difference in his approach in just 1 year. They way she teaches and encourages has made Vihaan grow much more confident and keen to try his hand at compositions in addition to the classical music lessons. That we get to listen to her mellifluous voice while she's teaching is a great bonus. We thank her ever so much for being the Guru that Vihaan needed!

Richa Chadhha (Vihaan's Mom)

When I was ardently looking for a Hindustani classical vocal teacher, there found Dr. Shambhavi Das as my GURU and realized she is my God-sent revered teacher. Dr. Shambhavi Das is a humble, down-to-earth in nature and can connect with the student to encourage to their potential. She is a very enthusiastic sincere and kind teacher where any student can become a friend to her. I, Lavanya Bheemarasetti as a student, learnt good techniques in singing and looking forward my musical learning journey with her throughout my life time😊. Thank you🙏

Lavanya Bheemarasetti - Student of Indian music


Singr was founded by Dr Shambhavi Das, to provide quality online courses related to Indian Classical Music.


Gurgaon, India


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